Kari Lake Files a Lawsuit Against the Arizona Election Officials

Kari Lake Files a Lawsuit Against the Arizona Election Officials

Kari Lake, a defeated Republican candidate, filed a lawsuit against state election officials on Friday to contest the results of the midterm elections and demand to be recognised as the victor.

In a petition with the Maricopa County Superior Court on Friday, Lake’s opponent, Secretary of State-elect Katie Hobbs, as well as prominent county officials were named as defendants in the lawsuit.

In the 2018 midterm elections, Lake was one of the most prominent Republicans to support former President Donald Trump’s fabricated allegations of voter fraud.

In the lawsuit filed on Friday, it is requested that Lake be declared the winner of the 2022 Arizona governor election or, in the alternative, that the results be thrown out and a new election be held in Maricopa county.

After Democrat Hobbs defeated Trump-backed Lake in the November governor’s race, Lake refused to accept defeat and persisted in tweeting unverified allegations of election fraud.

One of a number of Trump-backed Republican candidates who lost their midterm state campaigns was Lake, a former television news anchor.

Voters’ mistrust of the security of a voting system utilised by hundreds of thousands of Americans was stoked by conspiracy theorists’ unfounded claims that the state’s mail-in voting was susceptible to fraud during Lake’s campaign.

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